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HPFC - Nigel Lumsdale Bursary Fund

In September the Club, and the Under 14 team in particular, lost a keen and active member of the Heyford Park Football Club Family. Nigel Lumsdale passed away on 1st September 2021

Ian Groves, Under 14 Manager says: "Nigel and his grandson, Mason Wright, joined the team at the start of the 2020-21 season. Mason quickly established himself and Nigel lost no time in embracing the team in so many ways. Not only was he key in his encouragement of Mason, but his support also extended across the whole team. Nigel was always ready to volunteer to referee matches - so important when, at this age group, it is often difficult to secure a FA appointed referee - and "run the line". He discharged both roles with enthusiasm and fairness. Nigel's support extended beyond the field of play. He was something of a "legend" for his banana cake which was a key offering at the tea table - and always "sold out", resulting in a significant contribution to the tea-table coffers - from which all the boys will benefit, not least our Xmas social event. Nigel will be sorely missed and fondly remembered". Nigel's family has very generously donated the collection from Nigel's funeral service to Heyford Park FC. The Club has placed the funds into the "Nigel Lumsdale Bursary Fund" - created to support those families that suffer financial hardship by assisting with subscription fees. I believe this is an appropriate legacy for Nigel and emphasises the Club's ethos that football should be for all, regardless of circumstances. On behalf of the Club, I extend sincere thanks to Nigel's family and condolences for its sad loss. Eddie Duggan Chairman

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